New Foam Mattress or Foam Mattress Topper?
When Can a Foam Mattress Topper be substituted for a New Mattress

These days everyone is excited to try out memory foam and latex foam to see how it can benefit them, and we receive a lot of inquiries from customers. Our number one question is whether they should add a Foam Mattress Pad to their existing mattress to make it more comfortable, or whether they need an entirely new Memory foam mattress. With the large price difference between a foam mattress topper and a foam mattress, it's no wonder many people opt for the topper. Unfortunately, in many situations it is necessary to purchase a brand new mattress. First we will cover when a foam mattress topper (also referred to as a foam mattress pad) will suffice.

The biggest thing to remember when adding a latex or memory foam mattress topper to your bed is this: whatever surface memory foam is set on it will conform to, and to a lesser extent the same is true for latex foam. So if you have a nice flat mattress, the memory foam will lie flat, and perform as you wish. If you have a mattress that has begun to hammock or develop body depressions, you cannot add a foam mattress topper; it will just conform to the body depression and you will be left with the same problem. The other thing to keep in mind is that adding a memory foam pad layer is only going to make your mattress softer. If you already feel that your bed is too soft, adding memory foam or latex foam will not help, and your only option is to purchase a new mattress. Memory foam mattress pads are great in situations that call for softening up a flat, firm mattress, but they will only do so much.

Often times a person is better off purchasing a new foam mattress than adding a topper to their existing mattress. And unfortunately, it seems like the more people spent on their original mattress, the lower the likelihood that their problems with their current mattress can be solved with a foam mattress pad. This is because big thick mattress have a greater rate of developing body depressions than simple mattress, not too mention big expensive mattresses tend to be too soft, something no pad can fix. The other factor to take into consideration is that foam mattresses generally consist of an orthopedic base, airflow layer, and memory foam or latex layer that work together to provide the best sleeping conditions.

So if you're looking to experience the best memory foam mattresses or latex can offer, purchase a brand new memory foam mattress, and stay away from the foam mattress pads. However, if you are fairly satisfied with your current mattress and would just like soften up your current bed and experience some of the benefits of foam, try out a foam mattress topper. Always back up your purchase with a search for mattress reviews online. You can always upgrade to a foam mattress, and, like Select Foam, some stores even offer a free trial period on toppers.