Bed Bugs: Today’s Problems With Them and Why They Can’t Live in Latex.

Bed bugs have always been around and the need to minimize the possibility of them living in a modern latex mattress is very important. As they do not like the light, bedbugs seek dark places where they remain during daylight and then come out at night to seek sources of food.

Selectfoam mattresses and bedding products are manufactured with covers that do not allow bedbugs to penetrate and enter the latex or the area around it. This is critical, because bed bugs once inside a mattress are much harder to get rid of. Preventing them from entering is the best thing that can be done in order to stop them.

Our high-quality, earth friendly, memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and provide the comfort needed to give you a calm night’s rest, and are designed to keep the latex core inaccessible to any bed bugs. Additionally, you have the assurance that no chemicals or pesticides were used in any part of the manufacturing process, which may inhibit bed bugs, but can cause other health problems.

Choosing a high quality mattress involves a number of factors and SelectFoam offers choices based on overall comfort and support. This includes consideration of the common problems of standard mattresses, that allow bedbugs to enter and live inside the mattress. And Selectfoam’s high-quality mattresses and toppers are available at prices 40% less than other products and come with an assurance that you are getting what is personally best for your healthy night’s sleep. Add to that our 90 day in house risk free trial, a twenty year warranty and free shipping and there is no comparison with any other mattresses on the market. A Selectfoam product will give you the assurance that your problems with bed bugs are in the past.

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