Mattress Lifespan Comparison: Tempurpedic VS Select Foam

For the consumer trying to select a mattress, one of the driving factors in the decision making process is the projected lifespan of the mattress. If we compare the lifespan of the Tempurpedic mattress to the visco elastic memory foam mattress sold by Select Foam® it is important to first compare both to the lifespan of the traditional mattress.

The traditional spring mattress has an average life span of three to seven years. Depending of course on the quality of construction, the spring or coil mattress often needs to be flipped or turned to avoid the sagging and softening in the center of the mattress. Some spring mattresses will advertise a life span up to ten years, but the fact that a third of your life will be spent in bed means that the wear and tear on the mattress can add up. If you add extra body weight, frequent moves or any additional damage such as food or drink spillage on the mattress the lifespan shrinks even more.

The Tempurpedic mattress is certainly the grandfather of memory foam. In the 1990s Tempurpedic was the only option for those looking to benefit from the space foam as it was originally touted as. The Tempur-Pedic ® Company made the brand a household name and offered a 20 year limited warranty on its product. This was a big departure from the spring and coil mattress in terms of creating a product without the frequent need for replacement and the frequent decline in quality. Consumers began to see mattresses as a commodity product with a lifespan comparable to the washer or dryer. This made it easier for the consumer to also be introduced to a much higher price point. The spring coil mattress ranges in price from $200 to $5000 in general and at the time the more common prices were in terms of hundreds. The Tempur-Pedic® brand runs more in the high end with the king sizes often in excess of $7000. If the lifespan is double that of a standard mattress, the consumer might be able to justify the doubled price.

When other manufactures such as Select Foam® hit the market, the price for Tempur-pedic® became a competitive advantage. The Select Foam® visco elastic memory foam mattress runs 40-60% less than the Tempur-Pedic® mattress. In many cases the warranty for the select foam mattress is a Lifetime limited warranty which again changes the perception of the mattress purchase to something the family can use for years to come. Knowing that the consumer may be tied to the established brand the Select Foam® Company offered a free 90 day in home trial so the consumer had a chance to really test the mattress to see that it did in fact compare to the Tempurpedic. Over time the consumer has been able to see that the Select Foam ® mattress lasts much longer than the Tempurpedic mattress and both drastically out last the spring mattress.

The lifespan of the mattress relies upon a number of conditions. Moisture, extreme weather, frequent moves and excess weight can all combine to weaken the material and the < a href="">layers of the mattress. The purchase of a mattress can be a significant investment. The consumer needs to do their homework; the internet has allowed us to be an informed shopper. We can compare products feature to feature and compare other aspects of the company and the product before the purchase is made.

The mattress you choose will determine how well you sleep. The quality of the sleep you get will determine your ability to cope with stress, to stay well and to accomplish your dreams.