Luxury Mattress Buying Guide

Do you know that you end up spending just about a third of your life sleeping? Since that is the case, why not make sure that you spend that one-third portion on a worthwhile mattress? After all, life short enough as it is, right? The best thing to do is enjoy it to the very best that you can. So, why not go for a luxury mattress instead of the regular and run-of-the-mill mattress? At this point, the next question is ‘what exactly makes a mattress luxury anyway?’ Apart from the fact that there are different kinds of mattresses, what factors could possibly set a luxury mattress apart from the regular ones, removing the issue of a much higher cost? Well, there are quite a number of factors that contribute to this.

Actually, one of the most important factors that determine the luxury (and price) of a luxury mattress are the materials used for the filling of the mattress. There are quite a number of fillings that could be used in luxury mattresses but are not found in the regular versions.

- Lambswool is one of the most luxurious materials that can be used for a mattress. Merino wool is easily one of the most sought after fillings for mattresses on account of its ability to control moisture absorption and evaporation in a mattress as well as its softness. It is also capable of acting as a natural insulator thus keeping warmth in the winter months while feeling cool during the summertime.

- Horse hair is another excellent and luxurious material used for such mattresses. One of its most outstanding qualities is the springiness it possesses. This usually translates to such mattresses lasting for a very long time.

- Cashmere is sometimes used in conjunction with silk in mattress filling. Of all natural hairs, it is usually referred to as the softest. It normally forms a layer of insulation that provides both warmth and softness.

-Memory foam and latex foam are both used in mattresses. The density and types of foam offered greatly dictate the sleep benefits and comfort on these mattresses. High Density (HD) memory foam and latex with multiple layers can provide a fantastic mattress.

- You might never be able to grasp the image of goat hair being a content of a premium priced mattress. The truth however, is that an Angora goat has hair that is simply excellent in its comfort qualities.

It is silky, long and soft while still possessing a great deal of resilience.

Mattresses are not too different from shoes and shirts in some regards; when they are made by hand, they usually have higher quality and attract a higher price tag. Handmade mattresses are normally a combination of the best kindof selected materials as well as designs. The time consumed in its construction as well as the guarantee of excellent output contribute towards the higher bill paid for such mattresses.

To most people, a mattress is just something that you buy and plunk down for a good night’s rest but for some people, it goes beyond that. Imagine a mattress that is enhanced and can be manipulated in a variety of ways or for other purposes like mobility. Some mattresses come with remote control to allow for alteration of the positions, a feature that entails the inclusion of more components like interchangeable springs. This and more innovative features are built into such mattresses thus pushing up the price to accommodate the cost of the enhanced features.
Ultimately, luxury mattresses attract a higher cost than the regular ones. This is true also of the luxury memory foam mattress. The truth is, for anyone going for such mattresses, there is already a preparedness to enjoy features that extend beyond the mundane.

Select Foam provides you with the opportunity to make a great decision on a luxury mattress that will not only guarantee you comfort and durability but also the opportunity to enjoy many value added and innovative features.