How Long Will a Memory Foam Mattress Last?


When buying a mattress an important consideration is how long it will last, how does the Tempurpedic mattress stack up to the Select Foam® memory foam mattress? In the 1950s the foam rubber mattress was introduced, this relatively thin mattress was engineered to compete with the traditional spring mattress. This new product did not have a long lifespan. Moisture and wear and tear would cause the foam rubber to mold and mildew or crumble away.

In the late 1960’s the space program was concerned that space travel would create greater impact with the combination of g-force and high speed acceleration required to lift the space vehicles. The result of commissioning a new safety product to protect astronauts was the development of high density open cell foam that was able to spread the energy of the impact over the open cells. This created a new product that would be introduced more than two decades later as the tempurpedic mattress. As this process improved the Tempur-pedic® company was able to offer a 20 year limited warranty on its product. This represented a huge departure in the mind of the consumer. The mattress which was considered a disposable good became a commodity with a long life span. This allowed the Tempur-pedic® product to increase the price point on the mattress and raise both the market price and the expectation for the mattress life. As the tempurpedic mattress took off, the country started to see that sleeping without the discomfort of springs and coils is possible and there were other health benefits including the elimination of dust mites and allergens.

As more competition entered the memory foam industry, the life span of the memory foam mattress was extended even more. New companies, new processes and new materials made it possible for companies like Select Foam® to offer Lifetime Warranties instead of limiting it to 20 years or the typical 5 year Warranty of the spring mattress. Select Foam® not only challenged the time the mattress would last, they challenged the high price of the tempurpedic mattress. By creating a product with the same type of construction, often using higher density and more luxurious feeling covers and materials the Select Foam® company continued to challenge the selling proposition of the Tempur-pedic® company.

Today’s memory foam mattress can last a lifetime, is easy to transport and has a long list of health benefits including being free from dust mites and allergens. It supports the sleeper in contoured comfort, eliminates bed sores for the chronically immobile sleeper or patient and aids in pain relief in conditions such as chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

The wide variety of styles, materials and designs allows the consumer to decorate the bedroom and guest room in any style they choose without the bed disrupting the décor. The range of styles and prices allows nearly everyone to benefit from the comfort and support of a visco elastic memory foam mattress.

The mattress can last a lifetime with minimal care. Moisture, extreme humidity and temperature, food and drink spillage and frequent moves will still create more wear and tear on a mattress than if care and protection is used. The removable covers offered by Select Foam® allow the covers to be kept clean and to last longer as the soil and debris can create damage to the cover. Quality of materials, quality of construction and the price you can live with are all important considerations when selecting your mattress. Since more than a third of your life is spent in your bed, it makes sense to select one that you can live with; it makes sense to select a mattress that will be with you a life time. To do that you need to select, a Select Foam ® mattress.