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Select HD - Conform Select 10"

The Conform Select™ 10” is a Medium-Firm memory foam gel mattress that cradles your body in pressure relieving conformity. With extra support for light to medium weight individuals and back sleepers, this bed promotes proper spinal alignment for those wanting extra support. With a pressure-relieving SELECT™ Foam comfort layer infused with Gel, the Conform Select™ 10” ensures you’ll never get hot and sticky at night. It is up to 83% more breathable than comparable memory foam beds.

PREMIUM CONTOURING COMFORT, at an unbeatable value.

1" 5.3lb SELECT™ gel memory foam comfort layer for contouring relaxation.
2.5" 5.3lb SELECT™ foam support layer for "gentle hands against your back" support.
Soy-based memory foam for healthy sleep without any out-gassing.
Stretch-knit CoolMax cover silky smooth to whisk away heat and moisture.
Compare To Tempurpedic Contour Select
Add Adjustable Base
Add Mattress Protector
Add Sheet Set
Add Massage Feature

Price: $899 YOUR PRICE... ONLY $749

or $119 per month* APPLY TODAY


Ideal For

The Conform Select™ 10” is a firmer feeling memory foam bed ideal for those wanting extra support. This bed has a 1” thick SELECT™ Foam Gel comfort layer over a 2.5” SELECT™ Foam support layer. This combination provides the right amount conformity for small to medium built individuals. This bed is the sweet spot for most people wanting firmer support in their mattresses. Larger folks, those with broad shoulders, especially those that are side sleepers, should consider the Conform Signature™ 12” as it has the additional foam they may require for spinal alignment.

Core Construction

The Conform Select™ is a medium-firm mattress made with 1" SELECT™ gel foam, a unique memory foam formulation that cradles the body in luxurious cool comfort. A full 2.5" SELECT™ gel foam support layer rests beneath the comfort layer, offering excellent support and proper sleep posture. This mattress also has an airflow chamber to aid in heat dispersion, and comes standard with the silky smooth Dupont CoolMax® cover! The Conform Select™ comes with an orthopedic base foam layer that rests beneath the memory foam layers and provides a strong and firm base. In addition, the base has extra support in the middle of the bed for added back and hip support. After sleeping on the Conform Select™, you'll go through each day with more energy and less pain and stiffness. According to licensed Chiropractor Dr. Tom Maurno, a “person sleeping on a memory foam sleep surface can benefit more from their sleep than a person who sleeps the same amount of time on a traditional mattress.”

Stretch-knit CoolMax cover

The unique multi-fiber knit cover of the Conform-Select™ 10” stretches to allow ideal memory foam conformity with your body. The Dupont CoolMax® cover, which assures both a cool AND allergen-free sleep is remarkably soft and comfortable. The zippered cover is also easily removed for quick machine washing. The Dupont CoolMax® stretch cover, using highly advanced fourth-generation woven textiles, gently whisks away moisture as you sleep. Think of it as Under Armour® for your bed. Specially designed using Dupont CoolMax® technology to dissipate heat, the cover works with the airflow layer and our gel-infused SELECT™ foam to keep you cool and comfortable at night.

Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Proof

The Conform Select™ is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The average mattress doubles in weight over the course of ten years due to dust mites and dead skin cells that accumulate inside the mattress. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid becoming part of this disgusting statistic. Dust mites cannot live in a memory foam mattress. As an added level of protection, the Conform Select™ comes with an inner cover that blocks dust mites, bed bugs, and dust particles from entering your mattress. In addition, the cover is also fire safe, using Select Foam's FlameBlocker technology, keeping you and your loved ones safe. You can also easily remove your mattress cover to clean it, which get's rid of any allergens or dirt that accumulates on the top of the mattress.

Lifetime Warranty

This Conform Select™ 10” mattress comes with a Lifetime Warranty. While incredibly rare, in the event that you experience difficulties with your mattress, we will stand behind it. Any indentation in the foam greater than ¾” and we’ll replace the mattress at our cost.

90 Night, 100% Risk-Free Sleep Trial

You have 90 Nights to try our mattresses, mattress sets, adjustable beds in your home. If you are unsatisfied with your Conform Select™ 10” gel memory foam mattress, we will pick it up at our cost, refunding your complete purchase price. This is the advantage of Free Shipping both ways; only from Select Foam.

Select Foam Conform Select™ 10” vs. Tempurpedic Contour Select™

Compare the Conform Select™ 10” to Tempurpedic’s Contour Select™, and you’ll experience the same firmer initial feel and incredible support, but a more consistent sleep experience. TEMPUR Foam is extremely temperature sensitive, meaning it gets extremely firm in cool temperatures and extremely soft in warm temperatures. We’ve improved on the Tempur design by adding the industry’s best gel-infused memory foam-never worry about over-heating!

10" Profile 10" Profile
Gel-infused, Soy SELECT™ Foam Petroleum TEMPUR™ Foam
5.3lb Comfort Layer 5 Comfort Layer
5.3lb Support Layer 5lb Support Layer
Airflow System Airflow System
Removable CoolMax Cover Stitched Stretch-knit Cover
QUEEN: $1099  |  KING: $1299 QUEEN: $1699  |  KING: $2299




Twin XL
38" 80"
54" 75"
60" 80"
CA King
72" 84"
76" 80"

Select Foam, Why it's undeniably better than the rest

Select Foam™ makes finding the right bed for you easy by producing a line of American-made memory foam mattresses that are comparable to Tempur-Pedic®, the leading national brand. Our models are almost indistinguishable in terms of overall feel, density, firmness, and the thicknesses of the layers. The main difference is our memory foam beds are about half the cost, and sleep cooler due to our gel-infused soy memory foam. So try out the Tempur-Pedic® brand in a store near you, and then compare apples-to-apples with the right Select Foam™ model.

1. Only Gel-Eased Soy Blend Memory Foam on the planet   |   2. Fully Customizable with features the others dream of.   |   3. 0% financing and 90-night trial

At Select Foam™, we take great pride in matching the right person with the right bed to help them get a better night's sleep, and ultimately provide for a healthier well-being.


OUR MOST POPULAR COOL SLEEPING BED, high density support and comfort.

  • 1.5" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2.5" 5lb Soy SELECT-GEL™ Memory Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Washable Micro-Suede Coolmax cover

Regalis-HD 12"


STARTING AT: $1,099 NOW $999

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody

OUR SOFTEST GEL BED, like sleeping on a cloud, yet supportive.

  • 2.5" 4lb Soy SELECT-ES™ Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Gel Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Swirl-Patterned Suede Washable Cover

Cirrus Luxe-ES 13"


STARTING AT: $1,499 NOW $1,299

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic CloudLuxe

15 TOTAL INCHES OF PLUSH COMFORT, our most foam to date.

  • 3" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2" 5.3lb Soy SELECT™ Gel Memory Foam Support Layer
  • Highest Conformity
  • Removable Outlast-Breeze Cover

Grandis-HD 15"


STARTING AT: $2,399 NOW $1,999

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic Grand Bed

OUR MOST POPULAR COOL SLEEPING BED, high density support and comfort.

  • 1.5" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2.5" 5lb Soy SELECT-GEL™ Memory Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Washable Micro-Suede Coolmax cover

Regalis-HD 12"


STARTING AT: $1,099 NOW $999

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody