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SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" Memory Foam Mattress SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" Memory Foam Mattress Adjustable SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" Cover SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" Memory Foam

Cirrus-ES - SELECT-Cirrus ES 8"

The SELECT-Cirrus ES offers a dual layer, compact memory foam mattress experience with a medium firmness and moderate conforming capabilities. This 8" mattress provides luxurious comfort, in the form of 2.7" ES foam, combined with remarkable support and exceptional relief from pressure points thanks to the 5.3" base layer. Our beds consistently address the concerns associated with memory foam with features like strategically designed covers and temperature regulating foam maximize customer satisfaction and overall comfort.


2.7" 4lb SELECT™ gel memory foam comfort layer for contouring relaxation.
5.3" SELECT™ foam base layer for "gentle support against your back" support.
Soy-based memory foam for healthy sleep without any out-gassing.
Stretch-knit CoolMax cover silky smooth to whisk away heat and moisture.


Compare to Tempurpedic Tempur-Cloud™
Add Adjustable Base
Add Mattress Protector
Add Sheet Set
Add Massage Feature

Price: $699 YOUR PRICE... ONLY $549

or $79 per month* APPLY TODAY


Ideal For

With a moderate responsiveness to the touch, the SELECT-Cirrus ES is the perfect median between extra-firm and the pillow top softness, making it an ideal compromise for couples with differing softness preferences. A medium firmness mattress is typically the average density which works well for a large majority of sleepers with varying positional preferences. In other words, the SELECT-Cirrus ES is a great choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers. The overall thickness of this mattress (8 inches), however, makes this particular choice somewhat unsuitable for heavier individuals who would actually benefit more from a sturdier, more substantial base layer, which would ultimately prevent that sinking feeling. The SELECT-Cirrus ES supplies remarkable relief from pressure points and the conforming nature facilitates proper spinal alignment, thus ensuring that you get the best night of sleep possible. Because this mattress is so efficient at reducing strain on your neck, back, and joints, it is an incredible choice for individuals who suffer from chronic pain, like fibromyalgia or arthritis, as well as those with persistent muscle stiffness.

Core Construction

The SELECT-Cirrus ES is comprised of two distinct layers: a 2.7 inch comfort layer atop a 5.3 inch layer of orthopedic base foam. The comfort layer is what contributes to the supple, luxurious softness, while the 5.3 inch base foam adds dependable structure, support, and long term sturdiness. Best of all, the materials we use come straight from nature and are 100% soy based. Memory foam is an ideal material for constructing mattresses because it not only provides unsurpassed support, but this element prevents build up of dust, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and mites. The high density foam also has a reputation for long term stability and flawless structural support.

Stretch-knit CoolMax cover

The SELECT-Cirrus ES is equipped with a revolutionary stretch, cool-max cover that is both removable and machine washable. This exclusive fabric is specifically designed to help pull excess moisture away from the consumer and regulate body temperature. The soft cover helps to additionally protect the inner core layers from accumulating dirt and debris – a leading contributor to traditional spring mattress weight gain. In fact, the stretch, cool-max cover significantly enhances the expected lifespan of this mattress model.

Lifetime Warranty

This SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" mattress comes with a Lifetime Warranty. While incredibly rare, in the event that you experience difficulties with your mattress, we will stand behind it. Any indentation in the foam greater than ¾” and we’ll replace the mattress at our cost.

90 Night, 100% Risk-Free Sleep Trial

You have 90 Nights to try our mattresses, mattress sets, adjustable beds in your home. If you are unsatisfied with your SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" gel memory foam mattress, we will pick it up at our cost, refunding your complete purchase price. This is the advantage of Free Shipping both ways; only from Select Foam.

SELECT-Cirrus ES 8" vs. Tempurpedic Tempur-Cloud™

The structural components of this mattress are most comparable to those of the Tempur-Pedic Cloud model, but consumers will definitely appreciate that the SELECT line typically offers a substantial amount of savings. The SELECT-Cirrus ES allows for individuals to experience all the luxury and supple support that is commonly associated with an exquisite memory foam mattress, without it breaking the bank or sacrificing on the level of comfort and alignment. The SELECT also offers an equally reputable warranty, and if customer are not satisfied with their purchase, they have the option to return within 90 days. The unique foam materials used in the SELECT-Cirrus ES are much more efficient than the Tempur-Pedic Cloud at preventing excess heat retention.

8" Profile 8" Profile
Gel-infused, Soy SELECT™ Foam Petroleum TEMPUR™ Foam
5.3lb Comfort Layer 5lb Comfort Layer
5.3lb Support Layer 5lb Support Layer
Airflow System Airflow System
Removable CoolMax Cover Stitched Stretch-knit Cover
QUEEN: $899  |  KING: $999 QUEEN: $1499  |  KING: $1999




Select Foam, Why it's undeniably better than the rest

Select Foam™ makes finding the right bed for you easy by producing a line of American-made memory foam mattresses that are comparable to Tempur-Pedic®, the leading national brand. Our models are almost indistinguishable in terms of overall feel, density, firmness, and the thicknesses of the layers. The main difference is our memory foam beds are about half the cost, and sleep cooler due to our gel-infused soy memory foam. So try out the Tempur-Pedic® brand in a store near you, and then compare apples-to-apples with the right Select Foam™ model.

1. Only Gel-Eased Soy Blend Memory Foam on the planet   |   2. Fully Customizable with features the others dream of.   |   3. 0% financing and 90-night trial

At Select Foam™, we take great pride in matching the right person with the right bed to help them get a better night's sleep, and ultimately provide for a healthier well-being.


OUR MOST POPULAR COOL SLEEPING BED, high density support and comfort.

  • 1.5" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2.5" 5lb Soy SELECT-GEL™ Memory Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Washable Micro-Suede Coolmax cover

SELECT-Conform™ Regalis Luxe


STARTING AT: $1,099 NOW $999

TELL ME MORE Compare to TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Breeze

OUR SOFTEST GEL BED, like sleeping on a cloud, yet supportive.

  • 3" 4lb Soy SELECT-ES™ Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 1.5" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Gel Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Swirl-Patterned Suede Washable Cover

SELECT-Cirrus Luxe-ES 13"


STARTING AT: $1,499 NOW $1,299

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic CloudLuxe

15 TOTAL INCHES OF PLUSH COMFORT, our most foam to date.

  • 3" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2" 5.3lb Soy SELECT™ Gel Memory Foam Support Layer
  • Highest Conformity
  • Removable Outlast-Breeze Cover

Grandis-HD 15"


STARTING AT: $2,399 NOW $1,999

TELL ME MORE Compare to Tempur-Pedic Grand Bed

OUR MOST POPULAR COOL SLEEPING BED, high density support and comfort.

  • 1.5" 7.2lb Soy SELECT-HD™ Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • 2.5" 5lb Soy SELECT-GEL™ Memory Foam Support Layer
  • High Conformity
  • Washable Micro-Suede Coolmax cover

SELECT-Conform™ Regalis Luxe


STARTING AT: $1,099 NOW $999

TELL ME MORE Compare to TEMPUR-Contour Rhapsody Breeze